What is performance testing and how does it help?

Testing is an essential stage of product development. Companies cannot make sure they give consumers precisely what they need if they have not tested the product before its launch. The same refers to software and applications. Testing is the only way to determine the actual speed or response time of a program. Applications are usually modified and improved several times before they enter the market. Large software developers watch over the quality of their products for a breach will bring an immediate advantage to their competitors.
There are several stages of testing the viability of software. Load testing defines whether the program can endure the pressure of the system. Users often put their engines under heavy load as they want a number of applications to function at a time. Another type is a stress testing. It defines whether the application can work with insufficient hardware resources. Developers do not expect their applications to collapse in case there is a shortage of memory or little space on the disk. During the stress testing, developers make sure that the software recovers fast after the failure and provides a backup of the data.
Software durability also undergoes some non-functional tests. These are endurance, scalability, and volume testing. They check the behavior of the system in different ways, which allows predicting any future dysfunctions. Neglecting any stage of testing process, developers greatly risk their reputation and sales. No one can develop the program that will be perfect from the very beginning that is why we greatly rely on testing to make software better.