How Digital Tools Make the Workplace Less Productive

Whether a help or a distraction, we cannot get rid of devices in the workplace. We cannot switch off Wi-Fi or ever log out of social media when at work. Whether we like it or not, the digital world surrounded us with plenty of applications that allow us to do more or just pretend to. They make both advantage and disadvantage to an average clerk and to a manager.
On the bright side, applications help us to quickly address and solve arising problems. We do not need to run between departments to share our messages with everyone we need. We do not have to put stickers everywhere around our workplace when calendars remind us of anything we put there. For people in IT and digital marketing, social networks and applications are as essential as a daily lunch or morning coffee. Creative people also depend on the internet for their productivity.
However, the potential of the internet may seem too great. Every now and then, we feel overwhelmed by tasks and thrilled by our abilities. We start procrastinating. Better multitasking cuts productivity. Completing several tasks at a time, we require more time than doing them one by one. Workplace interaction on social media pushes us to passive net surfing or resolving personal matters when we are meant to work hard. Instant messaging kills productivity and undermines personal interaction. Workers do not come together when they can discuss issues on the web.