How has artificial intelligence replaced most tasks that humans used to do?

They say robots will undertake millions of jobs now occupied by humans. Today is the golden age of AI development. We do not have a robot for every routine manipulation yet, but they are being developed at this very moment. Digital development can never slow down, and soon many companies and households will deploy robots to make lives of people more meaningful.
As for now, some businesses already delegate routine operations to robots. Amazon has 45,000 robots in 20 fulfillment centers. They handle packages and work in stockrooms. The task that requires an hour from a human worker can be done by robots in 15 minutes. At the University of California, there is a robot-pharmacist. The machine receives prescriptions, packs, and dispenses orders. The robot makes no errors, and managers are highly satisfied with its performance.
Farmers also expect robots to fill the lack of seasonal workers. Today, robots already prune vines and pull the weeds. Many of us would like a robot housekeeper at home. iRobot developed the floor cleaning Roomba robot and the floor scrubbing Scooba model. They take care of mud, dust, and pet’s fur better than any upright vacuum cleaner.
Interestingly, robots start to fill clerks’ positions. Narrative Science has developed a robot that writes short sports recaps. Machines are not creative writers yet but they can perform a perfect number analysis. Blackstone Discovery offers doc-review focused attorneys who can search through documents for mentions and concepts better than any humans. Banks already depend on robots as well. Some ATMs already dispense prepaid gift cards and do much more than giving out cash.