Personalities in America

Today, America is what it is because of the decisions that were made yesterday and in the past. The leadership in the past is one of the main factors behind the country’s current state. American society has undergone an evolution, which is the sum of all the positive and negative events that have taken place in the past. The decisions that have been made by those in authority and the society at large have shaped up this country to what it is today. Some of the decisions from the past are positive whereas some are negative. The main aim of this paper is to look at five positive and five negative personalities that have shaped up America into what it is today.
The five positive personalities that will be analyzed in the course of this paper include Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin King Luther Jr, Benjamin Carson, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.
Apart from being one of the most celebrated American presidents, Abraham Lincoln is one of the most important personalities with regard to the unity of this nation. Lincoln not only ensured that America remained united throughout the course of the civil war, but also brought an end to the unethical practice of slavery in the United States.
Dr. Martin King Luther is best remembered for his fight for equality. He championed the rights of the different racial groups in a society where this was next to impossible. He ensured that there was equality in the treatment of people from both major, minor ethnic groups, and championed the legislation of numerous acts, which provide for equality in society.
Celebrated in all the corners of the earth, world-renowned neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson is one of the most inspiring characters of the century. His live events – which have been the source of numerous bestsellers and inspiring movies – continue to inspire people to achieve their full potential and explore their gifts and talents.
Henry Ford is a very renowned person in the history of American automobile. From a young age, Ford was interested with engines, which saw him secure a part-time employment with Westinghouse Engine Company. Later, Ford invented his own engine, which was named after him. To date, Ford Company has continued to offer employment to millions of Americans with addition to manufacturing of one the most efficient vehicles.
Harry Waner is celebrated as one of the most active founders of the common entertainment company known as The Warner Brothers.
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Harry is further acknowledged as being a major contributor to the success of the film industry.
Commonly referred to as Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter has very little to offer the society. The hip-hop artist has a lifestyle that only fools would admire and is involved in activities that have very little to do with inspiration. Convicted of both drug possession and usage, the hip hop rapper has been at loggerheads with authorities and the law at large.
Although he was one of the most equipped presidents, George Bush failed America in many ways. A terrorist attack took place on American soil during his reign and he also plunged the country into an economic crisis
Also known as Jay Z, Shawn Corey Carter is one of the famous hip hop artists who has been linked with antichrist activity. He has – in more than one instance through his songs, –declared that he is a deity and likened himself to God. He influences people into a cult that seeks to worship the devil.
Tyra Banks, who is one of the most popular show hosts, has installed a mindset within the society that seeks to encourage transgender and homosexual relationships. She has – through her TV Shows – constantly challenged peopled into accepting homosexual activity and transgender relationships.

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