How Digital Tools Make the Workplace Less Productive

Whether a help or a distraction, we cannot get rid of devices in the workplace. We cannot switch off Wi-Fi or ever log out of social media when at work. Whether we like it or not, the digital world surrounded us with plenty of applications that allow us to do more or just pretend to. They make both advantage and disadvantage to an average clerk and to a manager.
On the bright side, applications help us to quickly address and solve arising problems. We do not need to run between departments to share our messages with everyone we need. We do not have to put stickers everywhere around our workplace when calendars remind us of anything we put there. For people in IT and digital marketing, social networks and applications are as essential as a daily lunch or morning coffee. Creative people also depend on the internet for their productivity.
However, the potential of the internet may seem too great. Every now and then, we feel overwhelmed by tasks and thrilled by our abilities. We start procrastinating. Better multitasking cuts productivity. Completing several tasks at a time, we require more time than doing them one by one. Workplace interaction on social media pushes us to passive net surfing or resolving personal matters when we are meant to work hard. Instant messaging kills productivity and undermines personal interaction. Workers do not come together when they can discuss issues on the web.

What is IP telephony and what are its major functions

IP telephony is a widely-known technology. Every PC user connected to the internet got used to making phone and video calls with their computer. Conventional telephony is the service of the past. Many cellular providers bear losses because they are not as essential as they were before. Internet providers are on the top today because they provide telephony and television beside an internet access.
To let people communicate by means of the internet, IP telephony uses Voice Over Internet Protocol. It allows packaging voice stream into a digital signal to be transmitted over the web. VOIP allows combining phone calls, video conferences, and sharing multimedia files. IP telephony provides optimization and simplification of phone calls and related services. It cuts costs for provider’s services and offers a broader range of services to users. Traditional phone systems are very limited taking into account the present-day demand. They cannot satisfy customers who live in the digital world anymore.
IP telephony is the best solution for businesses. Providers offer voicemail, automated attendant, unified messaging for efficient peer-to-peer communication. Businesses do not have to support two separate networks if they can purchase everything they need from the internet provider. It means lower startup costs for new entrepreneurs and quicker ROI achieved within 12-18 month after installation. The benefits to individual clients are also vast. Deploying IP network at home, we easily give up any standard telephone network.

How has artificial intelligence replaced most tasks that humans used to do?

They say robots will undertake millions of jobs now occupied by humans. Today is the golden age of AI development. We do not have a robot for every routine manipulation yet, but they are being developed at this very moment. Digital development can never slow down, and soon many companies and households will deploy robots to make lives of people more meaningful.
As for now, some businesses already delegate routine operations to robots. Amazon has 45,000 robots in 20 fulfillment centers. They handle packages and work in stockrooms. The task that requires an hour from a human worker can be done by robots in 15 minutes. At the University of California, there is a robot-pharmacist. The machine receives prescriptions, packs, and dispenses orders. The robot makes no errors, and managers are highly satisfied with its performance.
Farmers also expect robots to fill the lack of seasonal workers. Today, robots already prune vines and pull the weeds. Many of us would like a robot housekeeper at home. iRobot developed the floor cleaning Roomba robot and the floor scrubbing Scooba model. They take care of mud, dust, and pet’s fur better than any upright vacuum cleaner.
Interestingly, robots start to fill clerks’ positions. Narrative Science has developed a robot that writes short sports recaps. Machines are not creative writers yet but they can perform a perfect number analysis. Blackstone Discovery offers doc-review focused attorneys who can search through documents for mentions and concepts better than any humans. Banks already depend on robots as well. Some ATMs already dispense prepaid gift cards and do much more than giving out cash.

What is performance testing and how does it help?

Testing is an essential stage of product development. Companies cannot make sure they give consumers precisely what they need if they have not tested the product before its launch. The same refers to software and applications. Testing is the only way to determine the actual speed or response time of a program. Applications are usually modified and improved several times before they enter the market. Large software developers watch over the quality of their products for a breach will bring an immediate advantage to their competitors.
There are several stages of testing the viability of software. Load testing defines whether the program can endure the pressure of the system. Users often put their engines under heavy load as they want a number of applications to function at a time. Another type is a stress testing. It defines whether the application can work with insufficient hardware resources. Developers do not expect their applications to collapse in case there is a shortage of memory or little space on the disk. During the stress testing, developers make sure that the software recovers fast after the failure and provides a backup of the data.
Software durability also undergoes some non-functional tests. These are endurance, scalability, and volume testing. They check the behavior of the system in different ways, which allows predicting any future dysfunctions. Neglecting any stage of testing process, developers greatly risk their reputation and sales. No one can develop the program that will be perfect from the very beginning that is why we greatly rely on testing to make software better.

What is software assurance?

The recent increase in cybercrime has shown that operational security of the software we use is low. Defects, inconsistencies, and poor design make way for a data breach that could cost companies millions of dollars. Software assurance means making software strong enough for it could stand up to current malware. As it always happens in security, old tools become ineffective. Unfortunately, malware develops faster than any other software. That is why we have a high demand for developers capable to produce highly resistant software.
Software assurance is always higher when there is a clear perception of risks. Companies tend to optimize their software according to how they perceive cyber risks. It is important to understand risks and share them with stakeholders and tech department. Aligning risks along all parts of the enterprise is the only way to find more threats and strengthen software.
Organizations often use supply chains for software so that their assurance depends on choices and decisions of other people. Therefore, companies stay vulnerable to poor risk estimation of their partners, which limits their software assurance. Businesses that share a supply chain depend on each other, which is not always considerate. Sometimes it is worth for companies to withdraw from the chain to assure better security.
The bottom line is, assurance must represent good construction as well as management and operation of software systems. A perfectly designed software would not help the company that cannot timely anticipate threats and target them. But a team interested in detecting problems yet before they emerge can improve their cybersecurity with the software they have at hand.

Essay: Understanding Dyslexic Students

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